Rare Currency

Rare Currency

Dubin Rarities Wants to Become Your Rare Currency Buyer

In order to satisfy our customers and build our inventory, we are in the market for old U.S. currency. We also purchase rare foreign currency. You can enjoy the satisfaction of selling your valuable collection to a rare currency dealer with more than 40 years of experience and a solid reputation as a fair partner.

What Kind of Currency Does Dubin Rarities Want to Buy?

Are you ready to sell currency from your collection? If so, these are some examples of the old U.S. currency and rare foreign currency we want to discuss with you:
  • Large-size U.S. bills from 1861 to 1923
  • Any national currency from 1865 to 1929
  • Both large and small gold certificates from 1882 to 1928
  • Small, 1928 $1 silver certificates and any $5 and $10 silver certificates
  • Hawaii overprints and yellow seals from North Africa
  • Colonial currency and Civil War currency, including fractional and Confederate
  • Better rare foreign currency, including Japan, China, Korea, and Hong Kong

How to Learn the Value of Old Currency

Naturally, the value of old currency to collectors depends on the demand, the rarity, and the quality. When discussing condition, it’s very difficult for an average person to tell the difference between quality grades. At the same time, small differences can mean a huge difference in value. This is true for both rare U.S. currency and foreign currency. For example, currency graders use a 70-point scale to grade paper money. For a bill to rate a grade of 70, it cannot have any signs of wear under 5x magnification. Most people just don’t have the tools or the experience to accurately grade money on this complex scale.

We want to help you learn the value of your paper money. Before we buy foreign currency or domestic currency, our professional appraisers will determine the quality of the paper and the printing for you. In addition, our lively participation in the currency market means that we understand market conditions. Some pieces may be so rare and hard to find that they may realize a strong price even if the currency is heavily circulated. Of course, the highest selling prices are usually reserved for bills that are in good condition. One major advantage of working with us is that we have the knowledge and experience to evaluate what you have and offer you a fair price.

Buying Foreign and Rare U.S. Currencies at a Fair Price

With more than four decades of experience and a national reputation as currency experts, we can offer you a service that another rare currency buyer cannot. If you have a collection or a single bill, we’d like to discuss what you have to sell. Our thriving collectible marketplace needs inventory, and we cater to both repeat buyers and sellers. Contact us here at Dubin Rarities for a fair offer from a rare currency dealer you can trust. Communicate with us directly at 847-382-4998 or via email at rockydubin@comcast.net.

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