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U.S. & Foreign Coins That we are Currently Buying

U.S. Copper and Nickel

All half cents (1793-1857)
All large cents (1793-1857)
All flying eagle and Indian head cents (1856-1909)
All better date Lincoln cents – uncirculated rolls (pre-1959)
All two-cent pieces (1864-1873)
All three-cent pieces (1865-1889)
All shield nickels (1866-1883)
All Liberty nickels (1883-1912)
All buffalo nickels – full-date (1913-1938)

U.S. Silver Coins

All half dimes
All dimes dated before 1965
All twenty-cent pieces
All quarters dated before 1965
All half dollars dated before 1970
All dollars dated before 1936
All U.S. Mint-issued commemorative coins

U.S. Gold Coins

All gold coins, any denomination dated before 1934

U.S. Mint Dated Proof and Commemorative Sets

All proof sets before 1965
All prestige sets and modern silver proof sets
All mint sets dated before 1965

Foreign Gold and Silver Coins

All foreign gold coins
All Canadian silver coins dated before 1968
Foreign silver coins dated before 1965


All gold and silver bullion coins, bars, ingots, and rounds
All uncirculated rolls dated before 1959

U.S. and Foreign Paper Money

All large size U.S. currency (1861-1923)
All national currency – large and small size (1865-1929)
All gold certificates – large and small size (1882-1928)
All small size 1928 one-dollar silver certificates
All five and ten-dollar silver certificates
Hawaii overprints
North Africa yellow seals
All Civil War fractional currency (1862-1876)
All Confederate currency (1861-1864)
All colonial currency
All better foreign currency (Early China, Japan, Hong Kong, and Korea)

Better Foreign Stamp Collections (1840-1949)

All British and British Empire
All Early China, Japan, Hong Kong, and Korea
German states – better German airmails
Early German Democratic Republic
All Early Italy and Italian states
All better South American and Central America
All rare singles or sets from any country

U.S. Stamps – Mint and Used (Pre-1926)

Rare stamps we are currently seeking:
All Scott #1-617 mint (1847-1925)
All Scott #1-313 used (1847-1903)
All Graf Zeppelin airmails – mint and used (1930 Scott #C13-C15)
All better U.S. revenue stamps – mint and used
All rare singles and sets – mint and used

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