At Dubin Rarities, we actively purchase sterling silver hollowware and flatware. If you hope to sell flatware or hollowware, we can offer you a fair price. We have worked in this business for more than four decades by developing a reputation as an authority and a fair dealer for many types of collectible and investment items. Learn more about the kinds of pieces that we hope to purchase.

Do You Plan to Sell Hollowware or Flatware?

It might help to define what pieces we want to buy:
  • Silverware: Silverware refers to flatware such as forks, knives, spoons, and various serving pieces.
  • Hollowware: Hollowware is the name for hollow vessels such as teapots, coffeepots, creamers, ice buckets, sugar bowls, and similar items.
In the past, these types of dining and serving pieces were popular. However, today, people prefer stainless steel flatware and hollowware due to their practicality and low maintenance.

If you are looking for the best place to sell silverware, these are some examples of the kinds of pieces we would like to buy:
  • Sterling spoons, knives, forks, and serving utensils
  • Sterling coffee or tea sets, candlesticks, platters, bowls, and vases
  • Single pieces or sets of sterling silverware or hollowware
  • How much is my silverware worth?
Do you have any of these fine-dining items for which you hope to find a buyer? If so, we hope you will consider contacting us first. Naturally, you will want to know how much your silverware or flatware is worth before you choose to sell it to us.

To silver investors, the value of different pieces may depend only upon the amount of precious metals that the piece contains. However, these pieces often have a collectible value and may be worth more if they are rare, old, or were produced by a renowned manufacturer. Some examples of pieces that usually interest our buyers might include Tiffany, Buccellati, Georg Jensen, and many more. The piece’s condition, the completeness of a set, and many other factors may also influence the fair value when you choose to sell hollowware or silverware.

Contact Us for Free Assessments and Quotes for Silverware and Hollowware

Valuing precious metal and collectible items takes experience and knowledge of the market. It’s very difficult for average people to judge their items without professional assistance. If you have sterling silver hollowware or silverware, you can come to us for help. For a fair assessment and quote, contact us at Dubin Rarities in Barrington, Illinois.

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